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Alternative formats?

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A slightly different issue to the other thread. Have you considered offering the data in any other formats?

I now understand the RDF system (I think), but in terms of using the data it is VERY restricting. I ended up writing 6 different perl scripts to extract the data and parse it into a format that I could use (MySQL database). I am aware that there are scripts out there to do this, but I was only interested in a small section of the ODP data.

Have you considered releasing a text (tab-delimited) database of both the categories and the site data?
I imagine that you would get more people using this than the RDF dump, which is obscure to say the least.
Mar 1, 2002
That's something that we can bring up with our staff computer guru, however I have to tell you that it's pretty unlikely that something like this will happen in the near future.

Very good suggestion though.
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Mar 23, 2002
Now that you've done those scripts....Ya wanna 'nother listing in the ODP?

Put the scripts on your website, submit the page, [wait for an editor:(] voila!
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As one of the founders of OpenMoz, I need to reply...

Actually, OpenMoz isn't about making DMOZ's RDF dumps more accessible. It's meant to be a completely separate, Open Source directory system, that functions and looks very similarly to DMOZ.

As this forum is about DMOZ and not other directories, it's probably not the best place to discuss OpenMoz. However, please feel free to join in the discussions we have on the site. /images/icons/smile.gif
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