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After 7 years my site is not yet approved

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Aug 1, 2016

After 7 years my site is still not approved in its specific category

World Româna Societate Relatii

I am not the only one in this case so i suppose the editor on this category has personal interests to refuse the new submissions. Maybe he is afraid of new competitors.

A super editor should take a look on this category. There are some poor content websites inside too and they was reported several times.

I was a Dmoz Editor in the past so I believe that I know to judge if a website should be accepted or not.

Thank you
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Curlie Meta
Oct 8, 2002
It is much more likely that no editor has looked at that category for a long time.
We do not have many editors that are capable of understaning Romanian.
You could ofcourse try to be reinstated as an editor and become part of the solution instead of complaining.
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Aug 1, 2016
I am not complaining. I just discuss about. I perfectly understand the situation. I will follow your advice.

Thank you.
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