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afraid to re-submit here......

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Jul 24, 2005
I remember submitting my site, but I cannot find it on the waiting list or in the search database, should I re-submit my site into this directory again ????
Jan 23, 2003
Did you receive an on-screen confirmation when you submitted it? If so there is little doubt that we have received it.

There is no waiting list that you can review, nor is our search really designed to locate individual sites, so that part confuses me.

Still you are welcome to submit on additional time, but before you do, take the time browse to the category where you made your submission and see if it is listed there, or in a neighboring category. If you cannot find it, and you sitte complies wihtout guidelines, then you are welcome to resubmit this one final time.

Hope this helps.


Jun 30, 2005
As Spectregunner stated, there is no way to review, from the public side or the editing side (unless an editor has privileges there), what sites are waiting to be reviewed in which categories. And search works best for categories, not individual sites. Although, if your site is listed and you enter the URL, without the 'www.' in the search bar, it should be able to find the listing - if the public page has been updated since then. (See, it's never just yes or no. :eek: )

It would help - a lot - to know when you submitted your site. As has been stated, waits can be 10 minutes or 3 years, in any area of the directory. Therefore, what may seem like a long wait from your perspective, isn't necessarily. If it's been less than 6 months and you received the "Thank you for your suggestion" screen after submission, I would give it a little more time before you resubmit.

If, after careful consideration of the above, you decide to submit one more time, please review the Kids and Teens Open Directory submission guidelines carefully, as well as any guidelines for the specific category. (A number of category-specific guidelines have been updated in Kids and Teens recently.) First and foremost, sites must be designed for and of interest/use to kids and teens, not about kids and teens.

We do not accept shopping sites, or sites for parents or teachers or caregivers, ever. Sites in languages other than English, must be submitted to the proper category in Kids_and_Teens/International.

This does not guarantee listing or an 'immediate' review of a suggested site. It does, however, guarantee that a site won't have to wait to be reviewed by an editor who can't (regardless of content) list it; who has to have and take the time to find where it belongs, and move it to the new category. Just so the site submission can wait, again, to be reviewed by an editor who has the ability to list it.

Just my $0.02.
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Curlie Meta
Oct 8, 2002
Baz9276, please don't make statements that are totaly wrong.
There is no need to suggest a site for a second time to DMOZ and certainly not within 14 days. DMOZ is not a serach engine but a human edited directoy. When a site is received (and you can know it is received as you are told on the last screen of the suggestion proces) it will be reviewed. We only can't predict when this review will happen. It could be within a few minutes, days or months but sometimes it will take several years.
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