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A couple of questions :-)

Hi Guys,

I have a couple of general questions:

My site is listed in ODP in a single category. I would like to have it listed in other applicable categories.

The URL is http://www.jbanner.com. Right now it's listed in Comptuters: Graphics: Web: Banners.

I don't want to jeopardize that listing, but I'd like it to be listed in Internet Promotion and Creating Banners and also in the logo design section since I now offer that service.

What's the limit on the number of categories a site can be listed in? I'm not trying to spam my URL, but I would like to be listed in more than one category since I offer multiple services.

What's the correct procedure for submitting a request for multiple categories (I tried the submission form once a few weeks ago with no luck)?

Thanks a bunch!

Jennifer Johnson


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
I hate to say it, but the correct procedure is just to submit again to those categories.

Your site may not have received another listing for one of the following reasons:
1. The editor thought it was already appropriately listed, and deleted it.
2. It was deleted when an editor did a 'chainsaw' operation and instantly deleted any sites that were already listed.
3. It hasn't been picked up, so is still waiting to be reviewed.

However, when submitting next time, you may want to tag a link to this thread onto the description, explaining why you want the second listing (the reason you gave here is valid, in my opinion).

As for the maximum number of listings a site can have, well, there's no real rule. As long as the site is well suited for a category, then it can be listed, though multiple listings are tracked by the system (if the site is listed more than once it appears in italics). All submissions are reviewed on a site-by-site basis.

Hope this helps!


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
If editing in the neighborhood, I would consider those two "Banners" categories as "related" -- I'd put "see also" links between them, and I wouldn't list any sites in both categories.
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