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Dec 5, 2004
:) 各位好, 前几天我向ODP申请编辑员,他们给我回了一封带一个序列号的邮件,内容如下:
INSTRUCTIONS - please read and follow carefully.

To complete your application process, please reply to this message.
This will confirm that we have your correct email address.

Do not change the Subject: line -- it contains your registration key.

根据他们的邮件提示,让我不要改标题直接回复, 但我发了好几次, 都收到这样的回复邮件:
Your Open Directory editor application could not be confirmed.
The error received was:

Can't find your authentication ticket

后来我把回复的标题里的re:去掉也不行, 只留那个验证序列号也不行,收到同样的回复
另外, 我回复的邮件里没有内容,不知道对不对,请高手指点,谢谢
Sep 7, 2004