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15 months and I'm still not in :-(

Hi All! I'm truly perplexed! I've been trying to submit a site (www.aberva.com) for over fifteen months and the site still has not been added. I've even chatted with an editor via ICQ and still nothing. I've tried submitting to categories higher up in the chain that had editors, but still, the site has not been added. I don't know what to do anymore. I think that I've pretty much exhausted all options at this point. Does anyone have any other piece of advice besides the, "keep submitting every three weeks" deal? I don't want to come across as angry, just frustrated. Any ideas?


Mar 25, 2002
The URL was reported as not working when it was deleted about 15 mos ago. Go ahead and resubmit it, since it is working now.

For the general readers, I know it is tempting to submit before your site is up and running just to get in the queue, but if an editor finds your site before you actually have any content (or even have it hosted), it will likely be deleted. Some editors in less busy areas may keep track of a site under construction in their bookmarks, but in the busier areas (Shopping, Computers, Business) they just can't do this.


That's very strange that the URL was not working at the time of inital submission?! But what about the other 5 times that I submitted since then? Hmm...

Thanks for your feedback. I will go ahead and submit the site again.


Mar 25, 2002
The history on it only has one note. If you submitted it multiple times since then, it hasn't been handled yet. You would have to tell us the category you submitted to in order for us to see if it was still waiting there.

As far as it not working when it was checked - maybe your server had a glitch at the time.


I really like this forum! I've never received feedback this quick! Thanks!

Here's my submission history:
12/8/00 - initial submission
10/22/01 - resubmission
12/17/01 - resubmission
1/14/02 - Feedback email sent to editor (paisley)
2/4/02 - ICQ conversation with editor (brownsmurf)
4/2/02 - resubmission
4/16/02 (just 20 minutes ago after I read your post) - resubmission

All submissions were sent to the following category:
Shopping:Health:Conditions and Diseases: Cold Sores

There could have been a glitch. I do know that it went through rigorous testing before going live.

Disclaimer -I'm not a shopping editor.

It looks to me like your site isn't a shopping site as you don't sell direct, only through affiliates.

I'd suggest you try to list it at Health/Conditions_and_Diseases/Infectious_Diseases/Viral/Herpes/Herpes_Simplex/Cold_Sores/

It would seem to be the most likely place for it IMHO. Remember that most people use a search engine to access the directory information, so as long as it's in the directory somewhere it should be accessable.


Mar 8, 2002
I checked your site and it was listed on the 16th in Health: Pharmacy: Drugs and Medications: A . It does not in fact qualify for listing in the Shopping branch due to the affiliate nature of the sales.

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