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Discussion in 'Quality Control Feedback' started by Jeremyi, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Jeremyi

    Jeremyi New Member

    Oct 31, 2010
    Good Morning,

    I reported an Abuse report 5 weeks ago and nobody has responded to my request. I tried again this morning and my Report was not accepted, I just get a "oops, an error occurred. - Go back message...

    Someone has illegally updated my listing with some irrelevant crap and I notified dmoz 5 weeks ago and nothing has been done.
    Google is now using the irrelevant crap in my Search Engine Listing and my online presence of 8 years is vanishing.

    I sent an email to though it gets returned with a User unknown message.

    Can someone assist as otherwise, if Dmoz is completely unregulated and users/editors are allowed to do what they want without being reported
    or held accountable and cannot be contacted, It is a real shame for the project.

    I look forward to some suggestions or even a contact telephone number.
  2. pvgool

    pvgool DMOZ Meta DMOZ Meta

    Oct 8, 2002
    In almost all cases no reponse will be send.
    All reported issues will be investigated and if something was found to be wrong will be corrected.
    And if abuse is found actions agiants the editor will be taken.

    Could you provide more information. We are not aware of such a problem.

    We describe what can be find on the website. In many cases our description is not liked by the owner of that website. But we refuse to write a text full with marketing-hype.
    There is a NOODP tag that can be used to let Google not use the DMOZ description.
    But rememeber that Google only uses DMOZ description if it can not find a decent description on the website itself.

    Hmm. I'll report this on our forum.
    But even if you ware able to send an email you will not get a response.

    Just for this case you are allowed to PM me with the category and website information. I will look at the situation. But I will not tell you what I discovered (that is something I am not allowed to do according to our guidelines). If something is wrong I will take actions to correct the situation.

    DMOZ is regulated by its guidelines only.
    An editor can do anything he wants as long as he does not violate these guidelines.
    An editor is only held accountable by the other editors.
    Editors are advised not to respond to emails they receive from people complaining about their websites lisiting.


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