Editors: How to be set as "Editor"

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    Editors: How to be set as an editor

    To have your title changed from "Member" to "Editor" and to view the private editor-only forum all ODP editors need to have an Admin modify their account. This is important because the private forum can contain up-to-date information on dmoz.org server problems*, so if you can't login and want to know why, it's the place to look. :) But you can't see it unless you're an ODP editor, so to get this done please do the following steps:
    • fill out the section on your profile that asks for your ODP editor name;
    • post your request in the Member to Editor thread in the Members Lounge forum.
    We do attempt to change everyone as they join, however, with over 1000 registered users we do miss some. Your requests help us out. :)


    * Server problems that affect the general public can, and would, be discussed in the public forums. The editor-only forum would only contain information on server issues that affect editors only and not users.
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